a word I hate so much but through time 
I’ve learned how to accept.
Through time I’ve realized 
the beauty behind its concept—-
you learn how strive, do things just to 

keep that distance away,
to overcome it,
and eventually find that last step to where you wanna be.
Sometimes though 
there are humps and bumps along the way 
and worse, distance may play and get even farther—-harder to reach.

But I guess that’s just how life really works…
You chase for the things, dreams, and people you want.
You keep on chasing and taking the challenges it gives you.
You keep on chasing even more when they try to hide, stay away from you—detour…and they keep you chasing them when they know you’re so much after them.

..Will then chase you when you stopped liking them.

And then everything has its own destination.
It may be that path where you’re supposed to be,
or another one…either way what truly matters most is not the destination but the journey you’ve been through.